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You are on the Social Assistance Program and you’d like to buy glasses? We got you covered. You can get glasses for as little as $20. Here’s how it works:

Aide sociale


eye exam

Your monthly medical slip indicates if the eye exam is covered (usually, after one year of benefits). By presenting your slip and health insurance card to the optometrist, the consultation is free. After the exam, request a copy of your prescription. It’s very important!


the glasses form

Call 1-877-767-8773 and request the glasses formUsually, you are eligible for it after 6 months of benefits and once every two years. There’s an exception if you break or lost your glasses. If it happens, give us a call, we’ll find a solution.



Check out our schedule and pick your preferred service point. Read carefully, a lot of service points are appointment-only. Dont forget to bring:

  • Your prescription
  • Your form


Make your pick
leave a deposit

If you stick to basic options, the price for adults is $20 more than the amount reimbursed with the form. We ask that you leave a small deposit with your order.


Pick up
your glasses

As soon as they are ready, we contact you so you can come and pick them up. We’ll make small adjustments if needed for your visual comfort.

That’s it. You can now enjoy your glasses!