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A unique concept in Saint-Jérôme for your next glasses

Lunetterie Saint-Jérôme

There are plenty of eyewear stores in Saint-Jérôme, there's none like Le Bonhomme à lunettes. For over 15 years, we've been making eyewear affordable for everyone, regardless of income. Our community eyewear concept is simple: choose suppliers wisely, reduce fixed costs and pass on the savings to our customers. It's thanks to this business model that the people of Saint-Jérôme have been able to save on this essential purchase for nearly a decade.

Our Eyewear Store in Saint-Jérôme

You can find our service point in a community organization, l’Ami-e du quartier, located a stone's throw from Saint-Jérôme's high school. Every Tuesday afternoon, customers come in with their prescriptions (unfortunately, we don't do eye exams) to choose their glasses and take advantage of our sound advice. Prices are low, we have quality products and our service is friendly. In addition to saving money on your glasses, you also help fund local community organizations. In fact, we've donated nearly $1.5 million to our community partners since 2007.

Learn more about our partner L'Amie du quartier

Speaking of our partners, this post would be incomplete without mentioning the excellent work of L'Ami-e du quartier. In addition to welcoming us, it offers a wide range of services, starting with food assistance, a community garden and even a conciliation service when tensions arise between tenants. We're talking about a quality community organization that, since 1989, has been offering residents of Notre-Dame and the surrounding area a place to live and help each other. Their mission is to " offer disadvantaged individuals and families a meeting place where they can create a network of mutual help and support ". If you'd like to support this misson, you can also make a donation thanks to PayPal on their website

For our service points in Saint-Jérôme and elsewhere in the Laurentians, check out our schedule. See you soon!