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An eyewear store in Saint-Hyacinthe that's good for your budget

Lunetterie Saint-Hyacinthe

You can't really do without glasses. Eyesight is simply too important. However, the price of glasses can sometimes make you want to do without them, or keep your old ones longer. What if we told you that there's an eyewear store in Saint-Hyacinthe that lets you save on this essential purchase without sacrificing quality or service?

An Eyewear Store in Saint-Hyacinthe for Everyone, Without Exception

Le Bonhomme à lunettes has been in business since 2007. Our base prices have remained the same since our inception. All our frames are $69. For lenses it depends on your prescription. But in the end, it means you can get a complete pair of glasses for an affordable price. What's more, you'd benefit from friendly, courteous service and solid guarantees in the event of a problem. Our objective is clear: find the best solution for your needs, within your means. That's why we're favourably listed in two consecutive studies made by les éditions Protégez-Vous.

To find out about our schedule in Saint-Hyacinthe and our other points of service in Montérégie, check out our schedule !

ACEF Montérégie-Est is There to Defend Consumers

Our partner in the area, l’Association coopérative d’économie familiale de la Montérégie-est (ACEF), does much more than welcome us on a weekly basis. It plays a crucial role in improving the financial health of its users. Since its foundation, it has been committed to providing free, confidential budget advice, support in cases of over-indebtedness and consumer rights advocacy. It also acts as an advocate against financial institutions and as a shield against unfair commercial practices. Its Saint-Hyacinthe office (there are four in total) is located on Saint-Antoine street near the Marché public. A wide range of workshops and training courses are held to educate the public about financial management. These workshops cover topics such as budget planning, the judicious use of credit and debt prevention.

It's hard to think of a better partner for our community eyewear store!