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What are your prices ?

Les prix Bonhomme à lunettes

Undoubtedly the question we are asked most often. And it's normal. After all, since our mission is to make the purchase of glasses accessible to everyone, people want to know if our prices are REALLY affordable. Our philosophy is rather simple: focus on your needs and your means.

Before discussing products, let's talk about the business model. We have had the same determination to keep our operating costs low since the very beginning. Working with community organizations has made this business viable while allowing us to give back to our partners over $1 million in donations since 2007.

The frames

All frames are $69. All of them, no exception. By opting for a single pricing formula, our goal is to make the process as simple as possible and reduce choice-related anxiety. Whether it's metal or acetate frames, for men or women, round or rectangular, it makes no difference. Your starting price for prescription glasses is $69, same as 15 years ago.

The lenses

Our basic lenses are :

  • Around $40 for single lenses
  • $65 for double-focus lenses
  • $100 for progressive lenses

By offering generic lenses, which are similar to brand name lenses but a lot less expensive (think generic vs. Big Pharma drugs), we can offer excellent value to our customers.

However, there are two factors that can have a major impact on the final price.

Your prescription. There are "simple" and "complex" prescriptions, and this can have an impact on the bill. As opticians, we help you look for all the alternatives, no matter your visual impairment, in order to find a solution within your means.

The options. If you want thinned lenses, a blue light filter, transitions lenses, or state-of-the-art progressive lenses or even lenses that supposedly slow down myopia, each of these options has a price. As we've discussed in other blog posts, some options are necessary while others are, in our opinion, superfluous at best. The good news is that our goal is to find the best solution for you by taking your needs into account.

Here's what's important to remember: our prices are worth it and if we have been recommended by both Protégez-vous and by the special edition of La Semaine called 325 trucs pour économiser, it's because we're honouring our mission to make glasses more accessible to everyone. We also have special options for kids and social assistance recipients that offers glasses at low prices or even free (after reimbursement). We see ourselves as a bit of a safety net when it comes to glasses.

But the price is only part of the equation.

The guarantees

We also offer solid guarantees. No matter the problem, come see us and we'll find a solution. Lose or break your glasses? We have the Bad Luck Special. Your glasses need to be adjusted ? Come see us and we'll be happy to do it, even if you didn't buy them from us.

You can count on us because not only do we sell affordable glasses, but also because we have a great customer service. We only have one monthly goal: to serve each of you, to the best of our knowledge, as if you were a family member or a friend.

In addition to all this, you help fund community organizations that make a difference in the lives of people in your area. All the more reason to come and see us at one of our service points!