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We are delighted to bring you our very first exclusive collection. With 6 brands, 50 models and wide range of colours, it is now easier than ever to find the frames for YOU. The recognition of your success by your peers and your social respectability are so important to us, we are making them OUR priority.

Bonhomme à lunettes opticien


From our studios in Milan and Paris, This organic co-creation was made with only one word in mind: prestige. Bullshit is a luxury brand where every piece of plastic just oozes with good taste. Dedicated to refined, authentic people, Boulamite will get you the looks, while still being able to pretend you don’t like all the attention. Ideal for those who are hostile to mediocrity.


Born in the basement of a fair-trade, vegan café in Brooklyn, each Whatever is handmade by a robot in one of the three factories that produces 90% of the world’s glasses. Whatever was created for altruists who truly value friendship. They are creative people with good values who don’t get hung up on details. Add a touch of nonchalance to your weekend look.


Ma Grand-Mère is a proud Montrealer. From the optician putting it on your nose to the port employee unloading the box from China, Ma Grand-Mère has deep roots in the city. Those who wear Ma Grand-Mère usually have a strong personality, are tenacious, with a repartee that is both efficient and unoriginal. Their experience expresses the passing of time.


Inspired by the smash it of the same name, Tumatuvu is the official anthem of people who like to look good, pop, emerge, transcend or simply collect as many likes as possible. Who know that looking happy is better than just feeling empty inside. Who aren't afraid to be different when it's to their advantage, even if it's the wrong profile and their beauty spot isn't visible. Tumatuvu, because seeing is almost as important as being seen.


Select. Ultra. Premium. Elite. Royal. Bling. Extra.

Discover the exquisite harmony of our new iconic brand for those who don't deserve to be treated like everyone else. Forged in the heart of a pristine Icelandic glacier on a full moon, this creation embodies elegance. Whether you refuse to give up your seat to a pregnant woman or get caught hiding your money in a tax haven, you'll never look out of place with this brand so exclusive it's priced exactly the same as the other ones. S.U.P.E.R.B.E., because you're simply the best.


To hell with consequences! Yolo was designed for those who feel the urgency of the present moment and firmly believe that it's possible to rationalize any decision. Go ahead, think less and have more fun. Life is an all-you-can-eat buffet, but without the questionably fresh seafood. Yolo, because tomorrow is a long way off and next week will always be next week.