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About thinned lenses

thinned lenses

When you buy prescription glasses, there are invariably a variety of options to choose from. In previous articles, we’ve talked about some of these, like blue light filter and myopia management lenses Let's talk about another very popular option in the industry: thinned lenses.

First, this mysterious mustachioed man will provide us with little introductory lesson (in French):

As our strange mustachioed friend explains, a different type of plastic is used to make thinned lenses. Since this plastic has a higher refractive index (refraction is how light is bent when passing through a lens). A higher refractive index means that thinned lenses alter how colours appear and slightly degrade the quality of what you see. That’s why we here at Bonhomme à lunette prefer looking for the right kind of frames before resorting to thinning. Sometimes you can get thinner lenses just by choosing the right frame shape and size.

And above all, it allows our customers to save on these costs, which can make a significant difference on the bill.

Choosing your frames carefully can make a big difference

When choosing a lens for a strong prescription, the ratio between the two curvatures (internal and external) must be higher, and this means thicker lenses. Choosing an optimal frame that suits your face and perfectly centres your eyes in the frame helps minimize the amount of thinning needed for your lenses.

The Bonhomme à lunettes team offers all thinness options at affordable prices. We are also proud to offer you advice and expertise in keeping with our mission: helping people see clearly without going broke.