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About Eyeglasses Frames

montures de lunettes

Eyeglass frames are all $69 at Bonhomme à lunettes. Regardless of the type of frame, the price remains the same. We're talking about quality frames, backed by a solid warranty. It's part of our business model to offer our customers a relaxed experience. But that's not the only way we stand out in the optical industry. In fact, the price of our frames hasn't changed since we were founded in... 2007. That's right. Over 15 years at the same price. How is this possible? Well, first of all, let's take a few moments to better understand the famous "market-driven logic".

The cost of frames

The cost of producing a frame can be roughly divided into three categories. First, there's the manufacturing cost. Labour, of course, but also materials. We're talking mainly about plastic and metal. However, not all metals and plastics are of equal value. Some are pretty much works of art because of the quality of the design and the way the materials are assembled. Of course, this comes at a price.

Then there are the royalties. When you buy a frame with a prestigious name, the distributor has to pay a fixed amount per frame to this company in order to put its name on it. The company in question invests large sums in advertising so that its brand is associated with terms like "prestige" or "sophistication", for example. This, too, costs money.

And let's not forget the infernal circle of fashion, or the good old novelty principle. What are the season's trends? Who decides the season's trends? It's like a wheel that keeps turning and eventually coming back to its starting point. When a frame is new on the market, its selling price is at its peak.

All these factors contribute to shaping frame prices. So how has Bonhomme à lunettes managed to offer good frames at the same price for so long?

Excellent question.

How we've managed to keep the same price for 15 years

Once you've understood the market-driven logic, you can take advantage of it. First of all, there's what's known as generic models. Some producer-distributors draw direct inspiration from existing models and designs under generic names. When you're able to buy in large quantities, as we are, you can get excellent prices.

Secondly, our strategy is to just wait. Let's be honest: who among you can really tell the difference between a frame model from September 2022 and one from March 2019? Once we realized that far too many frames were being produced, we simply made the choice to be patient. Six months after the launch of the season's frames, they have to make way for the new releases and deal with the "old" frames. That's where we come in. On the one hand, distributors are happy that we can help clear the shelves in their warehouses. On the other, we're happy because we get new, quality eyewear for a fraction of the price.

So there you have it. That's how Bonhomme à lunettes succeeds in making the purchase of eyewear accessible to all, while also being recommended by consumer protection magazines Protégez-Vous et Verdict Santé.

Curious? Want to check out our frames? Come see us in one of our 70 service points. Our opticians will be delighted to take the time to show you our models.