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The cost of our progressive lenses

prix verres progressifs

When you shop for progressive lenses, you realize just how wide the range of products is, and just how wide the price range is. At Bonhomme à lunettes, it's very simple: our basic high-definition progressive is priced at $100 (or $170 with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant). We don't compromise on quality. So we offer quality products with solid guarantees like everywhere else on the market. Guarantees on anti-reflective, scratch-resistant lenses, as well as on your prescription fit. How have we managed to offer low prices like this for over fifteen years? Here are four reasons:

A Business Model Based on Reducing Fixed Costs

In practical terms, this means a single store (les Portes Orange) with shall we say frugal decor. Our points of service are in community organizations, which reduces operating costs. What's more, in the space of fifteen years, our marketing budget has gone from "non-existent" to "particularly low". These savings are passed on to our customers, who repay us by continuing to help us grow through word-of-mouth.

Focusing on Generics Rather Than Major Brands

Think bleach...or medicine. There's the original, which is effective but expensive, and the generic, which is just as effective but more affordable. The same goes for progressive lenses. Lenses from leading laboratories are excellent, but expensive. Our generic lenses are also very good, but the price difference is often significant.

Careful Selection of our Suppliers

Of our team of over 40 employees, around a third have been in the optical business for more than 20 years. In total, our opticians have over 500 cumulative years of experience. Many of them have owned or managed their own branches. This experience is worth its weight in gold. Thanks to our knowledge of the field, we can make a judicious selection of our suppliers and their products to offer you excellent value for money.

Our Price Scale Promotes Accessibility

When we started in 2007, our price scale was based on the social assistance reimbursement scale. This is still the case today, even though our service is open to everyone, without exception, regardless of income.

That's it! Now you know how we can get you significant savings on the price of progressive lenses. Would you like to know more? Drop in to one of our 70 service points. Our opticians will be happy to answer your questions!