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Kids glasses in Lachute

Visual health is a crucial aspect of a child's development. Good vision is essential for their learning and growth. At Bonhomme à lunettes, we are dedicated to preserving the visual health of children by providing affordable eyeglasses for kids

Why Trust Us When It Comes to Buying Glasses for kids 

    • Expertise and professionalism
      Our team consists of qualified visual healthcare professionals. With several years of experience in the field, we are equipped to meet the specific visual needs of each child.
    • Child-Centered Approach with Consideration for Your Means
      Every child is unique, and our personalized approach caters to their individual needs. We take the time to listen and understand children's concerns while respecting parents' budgets.
    • Commitment to Accessibility
      Since 2007, we have understood the economic concerns of families and have strived to make our eyewear accessible. Clear vision is not a luxury! In fact, our base prices have remained the same since our inception over fifteen years ago..

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See Better to Succeed program in Lachute

Here's how to get three pairs of free glasses for your child through the See Better to Succeed :

  1. Visit one of our service points: Schedule an appointment with your child (and their prescription) at one of our service points.
  2. Select the glasses: help your child choose three pairs of glasses according to their preferences and style.
  3. Request reimbursement: fill out a reimbursement form on the RAMQ website. You'll need the QST number: #1069396883 TQ0001.
  4. Pickup and adjustments: once your glasses are ready, come and collect them. One of our professional opticians will make the necessary adjustments to ensure optimum comfort for your child.
  5. Enjoy the glasses: It's as simple as that! Your child can now benefit from three free pairs of glasses (after reimbursement)!

Addition to the request from the Order of Opticians: with in-stock lenses (AR and RAE in 1.5, 1.56, and 1.6. And single-vision CR39 surface lenses, RD 22 CR39 lenses, and ST-28 CR39 lenses.) So approximately 97.2% of prescriptions for children. Excludes progressive lenses.

We have over 70 service points in Montreal and the surrounding areas. Feel free to come and meet us!