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Learn more about the RAMQ program for kids glasses

Lunettes RAMQ gratuites pour enfants

A while back. the Government of Québec launched a kids glasses program called See Better to Succeed. For parents, this was good news because the program helps make prescription glasses more affordable for their kids. Making sight more accessible has our mission since the start, so we wholeheartedly support this initiative. And because we know just how essential sight is for the cognitive development of children, we offer parents the opportunity to get three pairs of glasses for each of their little ones through this program (because life happens and glasses get broken).

How the RAMQ Program Works

It is very simple. Go to one of our points with your child aged 17 and under (don't forget their prescription). Take advantage of our good advice and our wide selection of frames, choose three pairs for your child and pay the required $300 amount. Afterwards, fill out this form on the RAMQ website to submit your refund request. A few weeks later (usually around 3 weeks), you will receive a check for $300. The program is accessible to all children aged 17 and under with a health insurance card, once every two years.

Here's why we offer 3 pairs of glasses for free

If you buy frames from a big-name optical brand, chances are the program’s reimbursement maximum will only cover one pair.

And that’s fine.

But when we learned about the program, we immediately started to think about how it could help make good eyesight more accessible. By offering parents three pairs for the cost of what’s covered by the program, we offer them additional peace of mind should their kids lose or break their glasses within two years of their purchase (seeing as the reimbursement is only available once every two years). Doing business with us lets parents make the most of this program while helping their kids see better and succeed.

The See Better to Succeed program is good, even if it could be even better, but it represents a giant leap in terms of accessibility in the field of optical care. Expanding the program would be an outstanding opportunity. Let's hope that our elected officials seize it.


*At the request of l’Ordre des opticiens d’ordonnances du Québec, we have to add this:with stock lenses (ar et rae en 1.5, 1.56 et 1.6. And simple surface lenses simple vision in cr39, focals rd 22 in cr 39et and st-28 in cr39So it works for about 97.2% of children’s prescriptions. Does not include progressive lenses.