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A year of exceptional media coverage

entrevue Philppe Rochette Bonhomme à lunett

There's no doubt that 2022 was a pivotal year us at Bonhomme à lunettes: quinzième anniversaire, reaching the million in donations to our partners milestone and a mention at the Québec National Assembly. The year 2023, now drawing to a close, will have enabled us to maintain our momentum thanks to exceptional media coverage for an optician.

Au moment d’écrire ses lignes, le contenu médiatique n’est plus disponible sur Facebook et Instagram. Cet article est donc une autre façon pour nous de partager avec vous cinq reportages qui ont marqué notre année. Bonne écoute et bonne lecture!


2022 marked the 15th anniversary of the founding of Le Bonhomme à lunettes. Three days before the end of the year, Le Devoir publishes an interview Philippe gave to journalist Roxane Léouzon. He takes the opportunity to reiterate his view that when it comes to glasses, accessibility is a public health issue, and that our commitment is to all spectacle wearers, regardless of income. The interview remains one of the top 5 most popular articles until January 1. A week later, when we reopen after the holiday break, our colleagues are inundated with messages from people intrigued by our business model and wanting to make an appointment and find out more about our eyewear.


From the very start of 2023, inflation was a major concern for Quebec households. What better way for a show like À vos affaires to meet with an optician who hasn't raised his base prices since 2007? During the interview, Philippe talks about Le Bonhomme's business model, as well as our famous "marketing strategy". When asked by the journalist if some customers are suspicious of how cheap our glasses cost, Philippe offers this humorous pearl: « we always offer the possibility of paying more if that reassures them ». You can view the entire report on the TVA Nouvelles website (in French).


During an off-the-cuff discussion with Nathalie Normandeau about the price of glasses, COGECO's François Gagnon suggested that listeners find out more about the Bonhomme à lunettes. That's all it took for L'Effet Normandeau to devote an entire segment to the subject, entitled "Payez-vous trop cher pour vos lunettes et vos prothèses auditives" ("Are you paying too much for your glasses and hearing aids?"). An extraordinary opportunity for Philippe to introduce our mission to listeners of the country's most listened-to radio station (1.8M listeners according to Numeris). You can listen to the full interview on the 98.5 website.


Over the course of the year, Protégez-Vous launched its Verdict Santé magazine, whose mission is to " help you make day-to-day decisions for yourself and your loved ones, by testing products and services, conducting surveys and providing practical advice and expert opinions ". In one of its first editions, the magazine repeated the same eyewear satisfaction survey that Protégez-Vous conducted five years ago. Over 3,300 respondents confirms, as in 2018, that Bonhomme à lunettes ranks right at the top of the list.


The end of summer 2023 also marks our return to Gatineau. After a first attempt was abruptly interrupted due to floodings and COVID-19, we were officially back in the economic hub of the Outaouais region, with four new points of service in Hull, Aylmer, Buckingham and Gatineau. Reporter Ani-Rose Deschatelets takes this opportunity to present our company and our philosophy to people from the region as part of the Le Droit Affaires special issue.