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Le Bonhomme à lunettes at the Québec National Assembly

Assemblée nationale du Quebec

That’s right, the Québec National Assembly talked about us! We won’t lie, we are very proud! But how did this happen exactly? As is often the case with us, it all started at a community organization.

A karateka at the National Assembly

Did you know that MNA Richard Campeau is a black belt in karate? Pretty cool, right? Years before becoming an MNA, Mr. Campeau was giving karate lessons at the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve YMCA, and that’s where he met Bonhomme à lunettes’ very own Philippe Rochette, who was sitting in the lobby selling glasses during the YMCA's fundraising campaign. It was 2007 and Bonhomme à lunettes had just gotten started. Mr. Campeau became a client.

A chance meeting

At the peak of the pandemic here in Québec, Richard Campeau, who had become MNA for the Bourget district in 2018, ran into Philippe again at our headquarters on St-Viateur Street. He stopped in for chat to see how the business was going. Philippe told him about Bonhomme being on the verge of having collected one million dollars in donations for community organizations. The MNA asked him to let him know once Bonhomme reached this milestone, which it did in December 2021, and the MNA proposed to make an announcement about it at the National Assembly.

This announcement attracted the attention of several media outlets. Noovo, Global, CJAD and La Presse talked about it. But the icing on the cake? When Philippe ended up on the front page of the Montreal Gazette. Not too shabby! Merci Richard!

Montreal Gazette