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More than $116 000 donated to community organizations in 2021


Dear customers and partners,

The year has been another one filled with challenges. Like almost everyone else, we adapted as best we could, without ever compromising on our principles of honesty, simplicity, and solidarity that we've been embracing since our beginnings.

It is with a mixture of joy and humility that I announce that we have donated a total of 116 000 $ to community organizations for this year. Last year, it was $88,000. You may ask what explains this significant increase? Well, the vaccination campaign is certainly no stranger to this. But there is much more than that.

It is especially thanks to you, dear customers. Thanks to your loyalty, but also for your motivation to spread the word. Whether it's during your discussions with family or friends, or by sharing some of our publications on social media, you help with this word-of-mouth that allow us to pursue our mission of making glasses affordable for everyone. This allows us to give back, several times a year, different amounts to community organizations that unfortunately have to deal with chronic underfunding. Thank you all for your unwavering support.

It is also thanks to you, dear partners. By welcoming us or by spreading the word at your meetings or with your customers, you contribute to our success which allows us, at least I hope, to contribute back to yours. It is by working alongside you guys on a daily basis for so long that I am able to grasp the extent of the small miracles you accomplish everyday. Thank you for your invaluable support again this year.

Wishing you all the best for the Holiday season. Let's hope Omicron will not ruin everything.