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Why we never discount our glasses

bonhomme à lunettes ne fait pas de promotions

Have you heard us brag about amazing 3-for-1 specials? Or promote a super summer sale? Or flash sale with up to 50% off? How about our super famous Black Friday deals?

No? Never? Well, there's a reason for that:

All our frames are the same price

When Philippe Rochette founded Bonhomme à lunettes, he chose to base his prices on the social assistance reimbursement guidelines and decided to offer these prices to all his customers, regardless of income. So, instead of offering seasonal discounts or hold 2-for-1 or 3-for-1 sales, he chose to focus on affordability. Bonhomme à lunettes has no sales targets. Our only objective is to meet your needs and to take your means into account.

Our way to fight inflation

Did you know our starting prices have been the same for 15 years? Yes, that’s right a frame that cost $69 in 2007 still costs $69 in 2022. Same goes for lenses. The options we offered in 2007 are the same price today. As theconsumer price index continues to rise, we thought it was important to remind you that our prices don’t.

How do we do it? Read more about it in this other article, but our business model is based on simplicity and that hasn’t changed and neither has our mission: make prescription glasses affordable for everyone. Is offering a discount after raising the price really a discount? We are not finance gurus or anything, but… What we do know is that while the price of just about everything goes up, you can shop with us knowing we're doing everything we can to give you the best value.

Rather than focusing on sales promotions, we’d rather meet your needs and give you your money's worth. We put people first and by working with a lot of flexibility we have become the best-known service working with more than 200 community organizations.

We see ourselves more as a safety net than a big sales machine.