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Patro Villeray: worth visiting

Patro Villeray

When we do our our weekly rounds, we get to visit amazing organizations doing great work. Each one is unique. Patro is one of a kind and we always take great pleasure in setting up shop on Christophe Colomb Avenue when we drop-in to see them. Located a stone's throw from Jean-Talon metro station, Patro is a tremendous and spacious social environment that includes a swimming pool, gymnasiums, a library and even a bistro (among other things!).

Patro Le Prévost is dead, long live Patro Villeray!

Early in 2020, the Patro Le Prévost merged with the Lajeunesse Community Recreation Center and became Patro Villeray. You’re probably wondering, what is a Patro exactly?  According to their website: this word is the diminutive of "patronage", which is defined as being a "work which gives moral training to young people, organizes their leisure".  As you will find out in the following paragraph, the mission of Patro Villeray is even broader than that, but the idea of leisure is most central.

A dynamic organization

Boasting of a swimming pool and four gymnasiums as well as vast program of sporting activities, it’s easy to lose from sight that Patro Villeray is also a community organization. Community involvement is in fact at the heart of their mission. They run a food program, another for French-language learning, a day camp during the summer, and activities for children with special needs including those on the autism spectrum. They also have a wonderful green terrace that’s open when the weather gets warm and acts as a pick-up point for Fermes Lufa.

And of course, somewhere between a dance class and an urban safety program, there's us. We are there every Wednesday offering affordable prescription glasses to the people in Villeray and surrounding neighbourhoods. Our mission is to make prescription eyewear accessible and affordable. We are proud to be part of the Patro's community ecosystem and we feel like we fit right in when we’re there!