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Social assistance: glasses are now even more affordable

Aide sociale Bonhomme à lunettes

Did you know that the prices at Bonhomme à lunettes have been the same since 2007? That they were determined according to the social assistance reimbursement charter? And that the prices are the same for everyone, regardless of income? All this means that even if everything increases these days, all glasses wearers can save on an essential purchase. For social assistance recipients, here's some positive when inflation is everywhere: our glasses, which have always been affordable, are now even more so.


Recently, the Government of Quebec announced changes to the amounts reimbursed for the purchase of glasses. First good news: reimbursement has increased. Second good news: our prices remain the same. This means that welfare recipients can now:

  • Obtenir des lunettes avec les options de base* à partir de 10$
  • Obtenir des lunettes avec lentilles progressives à partir 30$

As our prices are set according to the reimbursement chart, for years a pair of glasses with basic options cost only $20 more than the amount reimbursed. This rate has remained the same for a very long time. With the increase in reimbursement and the stability of our prices, this means a net saving for recipients.


Are you a social assistance recipient that wants to buy glasses from us? The process is simple. Vous pouvez trouver toute l’information sur les différentes étapes ici, mais en gros :

You will be able to take advantage of the new 10-30 formula which is in effect at all of our points of service. It's our way to help and make the purchase of glasses accessible to everyone, because seeing clearly is not a luxury.


*At the request of l'Ordre des opticiens, we have to add this: stock lenses (ar et rae en 1.5, 1.56 and 1.6. and surface lenses simple vision in cr39, bifocals rd 22 en cr 39et les st-28 in cr39.) So about 97.2% of kids' prescriptions. Does not include progressive lenses. Does not include progressive lenses, which will cost $30 more than the amount reimbursed by the government.