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Social Assistance: Prescription Glasses Are Now Even More Affordable

Aide sociale Bonhomme à lunettes

Did you know that the prices of prescription glasses offered at Bonhomme à lunettes have been the same since 2007? Did you know that these prices were set based on the Québec government’s social assistance reimbursement guidelines? Did you know that these prices are the same for everyone, regardless of income? What does all this mean? That even if the price of everything seems to go up these days, all prescription glass wearers can save on the purchase of something so essential. For those on social assistance, there's at least one thing you can count on as inflation runs rampant: our prescription glasses, which have always been affordable, are even more so now.


The Québec government recently made changes to the amounts it will reimburse to those on social assistance for the purchase of their prescription glasses. The first piece of good news is that the allowable reimbursement amount has increased. The second piece of good news is that our prices continue to stay the same. This means that those on social assistance can now:

  • Get glasses (with basic options*) starting at 10$
  • Get glasses with progressive lenses starting at 30$

Since our prices are set according to the reimbursement guidelines, for many years a pair of prescription glasses with basic options only cost customers $20 out of pocket. Thanks to the government’s increase in the reimbursement amount —and our prices staying low— prescription glasses are now even more affordable for those on social assistance.


If you are on social assistance and want to get glasses from us, here's how to go about it! It’s simple. Read all about it here, but basically :

By following these steps, you can take advantage of the new “10-30 Formula” offered at any of our service points. It's our way to help make glasses affordable to everyone, because seeing clearly is not a luxury.


*At the request of l'Ordre des opticiens, we have to add this: stock lenses (ar et rae en 1.5, 1.56 and 1.6. and surface lenses simple vision in cr39, bifocals rd 22 en cr 39et les st-28 in cr39.) Does not include progressive lenses which will cost $30 out of pocket after the government reimbursement. Does not include progressive lenses, which will cost $30 more than the amount reimbursed by the government.